Kim Shallcross, NMD, DC, ACC, studied Biological and Functional Medicine as well as electro-dermal testing in Germany. Her 30+ years of experience with these healing modalities has yielded amazing results!

Most people have come to realize that constant exposure to the environmental poisons in our food, water, and the air we breathe has undermined our overall health. But what they don’t know is how or why the outside influences affect our ability to heal ourselves.

Ms. Shallcross has 30+ years of experience of working with reversing the affects of these toxins by treating the underlying cause of why our bodies can’t cleanse ourselves, the way nature intended. Her work has concluded that toxin buildups, along with predisposition (genetics & epigenetics) have caused defects in our cellular, metabolic and immune systems which then leaves us vulnerable to all sorts of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, MS, depression, fatigue, weight gain, etc. and even cancers and leukemia.

An example of toxins in your body could be from environmental influences. Environmental toxins include, but is not limited to: pesticides, solvents, hydrocarbons, metals, industrial chemicals, industrial waste, and background radiation.

Imagine finding the underlying cause of your symptoms, immediately, painlessly, and accurately. How about finding any disease patterns in process and reversing it before it becomes clinical. How about easily removing the toxic built up in your body and regenerating the damage these toxins have caused just by following a simple program.

By using a electro dermal testing device measuring the electrical resistance through the acupuncture meridians we can determine the cause of any imbalances on an energetic level. These energetic imbalances will precede any physical changes, making the assessment preventative in nature, and will measure the cause of the energetic imbalances that result in symptoms. By understanding the cause and effect of any disorder, healing that disorder on the causal level is the most direct, effective, and permanent way of healing. Removal of the cause and supporting the natural healing processes with nutrition, acupuncture, lifestyle changes, and other modalities as required, will restore your health and help prevent further problems. The ELECTRO-DERMAL TESTING can measure the effect a remedy will have before it is given, no guess-work, It can determine allergies and their cause, it finds the reason why, and can determine how to correct it..

Many of our ailments are multi-causal, meaning that there has been more than one stressor/ toxin contributing to the symptom. Its like peeling an onion, unraveling the toxic load, and correcting the metabolic damaged it caused. Unraveling more and correcting more as we get healthier and healthier reversing the toxic load and regenerating tissues and organs is a lifestyle process.

As mentioned earlier, Ms. Shallcross has found that the environment is the cause and/or the trigger to most of the chronic degenerative disease today. “We are being bombarded daily with immune altering toxins in the food, air, and water,” says Ms. Shallcross, “The level of toxins today is much too much for our natural immune systems to deal with.” This is a chart showing how our bodies deal with the ever increasing poisoning occurring today.

bio energetic chart of toxicology

Disease is often a process that begins early, even in the womb, and the accompanying symptoms may reveal themselves later thus losing the correlation to the cause of said disease. When our immune system is overly challenged and can not remove the invading toxin (whether its virus, bacteria, or chemical) the body becomes non-responsive to the toxins that it is exposed to, and pushes it deeper into the cellular system causing blockages in our metabolic functions, again leading to disease.

However the person who, purges the toxins from their system naturally or with help have a much better chance at maintaining health and preventing Chronic Degenerative Disease (CDD)

Disease processes do not only manifest physical symptoms but can also manifest emotional as well or in place of physical symptom. Toxins do invade the brain and can affect many of its processes causing depressions, OCD, apathy, anger, irrationality, feeling of helplessness, suicidal thoughts etc. These feeling do not belong to the individual but are chemical imbalances due to invading TOXINS.

Understanding all of this can sound a bit foreboding at first, but one can relax in knowing that there are answers out there and there is hope for people who suffer from disease, mental disorder or those who just want to optimize their health as a preventative strategy for longevity and optimal health.