The Institute of Technology is another great source if you’re looking for GMO information in pertaining to your health and the health of the planet. I understand there’s controversy over it, but I doubt you’ll find an holistic doctor that is not concerned about GMOs.

Here’s an interesting piece about the new GMO’d non-browning apples and potatoes. I find the need to even produce something like this a bit suspect. Most people know to put light spray lemon juice if they don’t want their apple’s browning. The dsRNA is not something we should be eating.

RNA, according to the regulators, is too unstable. It would be destroyed long before it could enter the blood supply. And even if it were to get into the blood, they claim it wouldn’t have any effect whatsoever.

While it’s true that most RNA are not stable, Heinemann points out that “surprisingly, the form of RNA called dsRNA is very very stable. . . . And it’s now been shown that they can be taken up after digestion of the food into our blood supply.” More importantly, in a groundbreaking study conducted in China in 2012,[4] dsRNA fed to mice “transferred to the liver and down-regulated an important liver enzyme.”