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Shallcross Lifestyle Consulting is located in scenic Thornbury-Blue Mountains, Ontario. Our complimentary therapies have helped many people regain their vitality. Our focus is on assisting chronic health sufferers in taking control of their lifestyle in overall feeling better.

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Testimonials About Holistic Health Care

A.R. Oakville
Through my work with Kim Shallcross, I have developed an understanding of the environmental problems now facing humanity, and have a consistent resource for correcting these problems, and keeping myself healthy. I am able to pursue my life with a profound sense of well-being and high energy levels.
Margaret Amore Meaford
I have known Kim for approximately 15 years, and her method of testing and treatment is totally unique, with amazing results. Over the years I have relied on her treatments, and accurate ability to find the cause of my problems, to effectively treat them without covering them up. To me that is that only way to heal, because if the cause is not corrected than the issues will express itself in other way.
Dana Lum Collingwood
Kim has provided me with effective tools to combat the effects of environmental pathogens that were eroding my health. By following her unique, individualized lifestyle approach to healthcare, I have been given a whole new lease on life. My energy levels, sleep patterns and overall quality of life has improved tremendously.
J Mitchell Mississauga
People keep asking me for my secret, they can’t believe how good I look and feel. Now my whole family is doing Functional Medicine for optimum health.
Katie S. New York City
After seeing every expert money can buy… my chronic migraines were finally gone for good!
JM Oakville
Your true standard of living is measured against the ability to enjoy life. It’s not a matter of how much you are financially worth, it’s a matter of how much optimum health you have to savor the precious moments that life has to offer.